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We are working on a new class of antivirals to help fight the Covid-19 pandemic.
More information coming soon. 


The Starzl Method, A Family Affair

The Starzl family first reshaped medicine in the 20th century, when Thomas Starzl (1926-2017) performed the first ever liver transplant. Since Thomas Starzl's innovations, many of which have become a world standard and are still used in hospitals all over the world today, Ravi and Tim Starzl continue to develop other medical innovations that save and improve lives.

Inspired to find solutions to public health challenges the Starzl Method sees nature as a highly complex computational process. The Starzl health innovations aim to reverse engineer the problem and solve it on its' deepest layers of understanding.


This method of relentlessly proving the next hypothesis, and learning nature's next lesson keeps the team on engaged in finding answers, while remaining fluid enough to rethink and rethink month's worth of work while following the facts where they want to go. In this excruciating chase for the truth, there's no time for politics. or hero worship: "At Starzl a fact can stand on its own merit. You are right, you learn something. You are wrong, you learn something. If anything, the faster we fail, the faster we learn, the deeper we go."

"Everything is always on the table. New approaches, evolved paradigms, different processes. First principles. We thrive on a willingness to work with the abstract. We use mathematical models and AI computations until a problem is solved. We don't back down from a challenge."

"If work at Starzl you have abandoned all emotional attachment to your ideas in the search for the new, the different and the unknown." From curing the pediatric diarrhea epidemic in India to developing a solution to antibiotic resistant bacteria the Starzl mission has evolved to preventing tomorrows health challenges today.


Most recently we’ve taken everything we’ve learned to tackle the COVID 19 crisis. FIREBREAK™ (currently in clinical trials) is the scientifically safe approach to reopen the world economy.  


Dr. Thomas Starzl (1926 – 2017)


Tim Starzl created the technology behind PANTHERYX™, which has all but solved the Diarrhoea epidemic in India in the last decade.